What Is the Best K-Pop Company to Audition For?

Before you start pursuing a career in the K-Pop industry, you should be aware of the requirements for a K-pop audition. This process may vary by company, but typically, you should submit an application form, a profile photo, and a 2-minute video audition. K-pop auditions can last for only a week, but it’s still worth it to apply for as many as possible.

Korean entertainment companies often choose their new talents based on social media profiles. www afilmywap gg It’s difficult for them to keep track of social media and only look at live auditions and profile submissions to find the next star. However, some companies have specialized systems to train their rookies. Aside from training rookies, auditionees are also required to perform on variety shows and talk about their lives. tunai4d You should practice your storytelling skills to become more confident and likable in these situations.

Video auditions can be done via the internet. These are great if you don’t live in the same city as the audition location. Usually, the layout of these auditions includes a polite introduction in your native language and a short singing or dancing clip. A video audition is better because you get to audition multiple times, whereas a walk-in audition only gives you one shot.

SM Entertainment is a major Korean entertainment company that has produced many of the most successful idol groups. In addition to auditioning for the monthly and weekly sessions, the company also holds auditions for aspiring singers on Weibo. You can submit your application by mail, email, or through the official website. If you get selected, you’ll be contacted by one of the company’s representatives.