The Worst Kpop Companies

In a recent episode of Nate Pann’s “K-Pop Nation”, he discussed some of the worst kpop entertainment companies. He asked viewers to name the companies that treated their idols poorly. He then asked them to name five familiar agencies. The result was a list of companies that were among the worst in K-pop history. According to netizens, these companies were infamous for their poor treatment of their artists and fans.

YG Entertainment: The company is notorious for treating its trainees harshly. Unlike JYP, YG values talent above appearance. They aim to give trainees a 50/50 visual balance, while JYP values personality over potential. However, the two companies are not without faults. Cube has been known for disbanding CLC and 4minute after they failed to reach their full potential. Its PR staff has also received a scathing critique from fans.

MBK Entertainment: The company first came to prominence in 2011 as Core Contents Media. In 2014, the company was bought by MBK Co. Fans and critics often call out these companies on social media. FT Island, CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flyinging, and SF9 have all been part of this company. Their handling of Jimin and Mina in particular has received criticism.

BTS: As one of the most famous Korean girl groups, BTS gained weight during their careers. In contrast, some other idols were forced to lose weight in dangerously low measures. The treatment of Korean entertainment companies isn’t uniform, and each company treats its idols differently. Ultimately, these factors affect the health and happiness of the group. Some are worse than others, and their overall quality of life may depend on their work ethic.