The Top 100 Movies of All Time

The Top Hundred Movies of All Time poll is no easy task, but it is one that will surely spark many debates. The list features box-office hits, cult classics, comedies, crime capers, and more.  login99bet They also span over a century and many countries, so it is unlikely to please everyone. In the end, though, there is no better list to watch than the ones you’ve already seen.

“The Godfather” is also on the list. This gangster movie was made by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola and marks the dawn of the mega-movie genre. Marlon Brando stars as the patriarch of a crime family, and its style and performances are incomparable. As a result, it is a staple of the cinematic canon. rizonbayview It’s no surprise that The Godfather is one of the best-loved movies of all time.

The epic drama “Citizen Kane” by Orson Welles was re-edited after it was released. It’s about an eccentric English officer who inspires Arabs to unite against the Turks during World War I. In addition, cinematic giant David Lean’s sweeping, widescreen epic, “The Shining,” won seven Oscars, including Best Foreign Language Film. So, what are the Top 100 Movies of All Time?

“King Kong” by the Coen brothers is another one of the greatest films ever made. This 1980 Texas chase film thoughtfully contemplates what might happen if the world’s civilization were to collapse. While the movie’s technology has come a long way since its release, its stop-motion technique and fabled dialogue remain timeless. A must-see for anyone interested in special effects. This film is essential viewing for any special effects enthusiast, whether you’re a professional or an amateur. Latest Website  naukri24pk