Know More About Diamonds

It might be intimidating to shop for a diamond online since there are so many options, especially when compared to a jewellery store in Australia. Take into account the following detailed diamond buying guide. This is by no means a complete list, but it may serve as a guide as you continue your hunt for that perfect diamond in Australia.

Read this guide on buying Diamond Rings in Australia if you need help with ring selection.

An Explicit Instructional Outline for Selecting a Diamond

  1. Find out which shape of the diamond the lucky recipient likes first. Consider a round or princess cut if you don’t know and can’t find out.
  2. Consider the receiver while deciding on minimum carat weight. They will be disappointed in even the most stunning half-carat diamond if they have their heart set on a one-carat stone.

When looking for a diamond that meets your budget, start with the highest quality option available.

  • The Clarity setting should be lowered first. Start with VS2 and then make more compromises if necessary.
  • Then, turn the colour down. Try to go as low as H before giving up elsewhere.
  • At last, you can reduce the cut. Make compromises only to Very Good in round diamonds and Good in interesting shapes.
  • If the price of the diamonds that still meet your amended requirements is near your budget, you may want to consider reducing the stone’s carat weight. If the difference between two diamonds is less than 10% carats, it will be nearly impossible to tell them apart visually.

If you still overspend after using the abovementioned measures, try starting over with lower limits.

  • As a first step, lower clarity even further. Drop to the SI1 level.
  • The next step is to lessen the use of colour. The letter J is the absolute minimum you can go. You can safely go down to K if you know the diamond will be set in yellow gold.
  • At long last, the cut has been lowered. In the case of round diamonds, settle for Good and in the case of exotic shapes, for Fair.

If you’re still above your spending limit, what you do next is up to you.

  • A dip in SI2 clarity may be worthwhile if the carat weight of the diamond you’re after is less than one.
  • An L-M colour diamond set in yellow gold may look fine. This is especially true if the diamond is brilliant cut and weighs less than 1.50 carats.
  • A Fair cut round or fancy shape is an option if you’re primarily concerned with size.
  • Increasing your budget or lowering your minimum carat weight might be necessary for Australia if you are still far above your spending limit.

Additional Suggestions for Selecting a Diamond

You can follow these suggestions on their own, in addition to the detailed instructions above.

Methods to Better Understand the Market for Shapes

Most people in Australia who are given diamonds as gifts or for engagements strongly prefer a specific cut and form. The buyer should decide on the diamond’s price and quality, but the diamond’s recipient should have some say in the diamond’s form. This is especially true for engagement diamonds of a more unusual form.

A round diamond will be a good option for Diamond Rings in Australia if no other shape is specified. The round form of a diamond is the most popular because it has several advantages, including its timeless elegance, ability to fit into any setting, and a high degree of brightness and scintillation.

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