Is Alexa Dangerous?

You may be wondering, is Alexa dangerous? It might sound like a good question to ask. After all, who wouldn’t want to make life easier? But there are many things to watch out for, including how your personal information is handled. Here are some tips to keep your Alexa safe:

First, Alexa records your voice input. It’s impossible to turn off your speakers, but Alexa is always listening. You might be worried that your privacy is at risk, but Amazon says it encrypts this information. In reality, it can include information such as your first name, account number, and device serial number. That means that Amazon could be monitoring your every move and spying on you. If this is the case, you may want to think twice about buying one.

In addition to listening to recordings, you may also download third-party apps that can access your private information. While Amazon assures users that the information isn’t shared without your consent, it’s not impossible for hackers to access these apps or break into your Alexa and steal your sensitive information. And don’t forget to clear your history regularly, or you might find yourself getting a lot of unwanted calls. However, you’ll be tempted to switch off your voice assistant once you’ve gotten used to its abilities.

Another concern with Alexa’s capabilities is that it makes mistakes when listening to you. Just about everyone who owns an Echo has experienced the occasional misheard query. It mishears a wake-up word in a TV show. Or it mishears your command to send a message. It also sometimes misunderstands commands to send private conversations. That makes it even more important to learn the language before relying on Alexa.