Fun Spring Break Trips to Fuel Your Passion and Mind

As the season of spring break travel approaches, students are looking for new ways to spend this invaluable time. If partying the whole night and sleeping all day isn’t just your thing and you want to break the traditional spring break idea, you are at the right place. Spring break does not have to be all surf and sand mixed with a dash of endless morning hangovers. There are some great ideas designed to fuel your mind, body, and soul while quenching your thirst for “wanderlust!” In this list of fun spring break trips by Inertia Tours, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to stay close to home while exploring interesting places or you want to go to a far-flung place with your gang of like-minded friends, take a break from your books and explore the world in your own way with these trip ideas.

Interesting Spring Break Trips:

  • Savannah, Georgia

If you are looking for a spring break trip to give you insight into rich history, exciting nightlife, a relaxing beach time, and world-class delicious food, then Savannah, Georgia may be what you are looking for. The Historic District of Savannah is home to architectural masterpieces, cobblestone streets, draping Spanish moss, and more than twenty historical squares. Make your way to the historic Forsyth Park after getting your hands on a refreshing Wet Willie’s frozen daiquiri or roam around with a drink in your hand if you are 21 or older! Did you know that Savannah is also considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country? Why not take one of those famous ghost tours in Savannah or check out the haunted Savannah pub crawl? There are many budget hotels in Downtown Savannah and there are many affordable airlines to and from Savannah for all students on a budget.

  • Moab, Utah

Spend a week in Moab and get a life-enriching experience. This place is meant for adventure seekers looking to ditch the traditional spring break crowds and get in touch with mother nature! From the scenic canyonland national parks and arches leading up to the sky right outside the town, this city in Utah is meant for hikers, climbers, and photographers. If you are an outdoorsy person, there are long mountain biking and hiking trails that can get you breathtaking views of the blue skies and red earth. You can also kayak and raft in the Colorado River and visit the Dan O’Laurie Museum for a dose of history. Or grab yourself a beer in a town hotel at the end of the day to chill!

  • Dallas, Texas

Known to be a cultural melting pot, Dallas is a popular spring break destination for students who are looking for historical sites, incredible nightlife, and amazing eating places. The city is also home to a number of Instagrammable wall art and murals across its neighborhoods, so make sure you have your phone ready! The food scene in Dallas is not going to disappoint you either. The city also has plenty of museums for you to explore.

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

Another amazing spring break destination meant for college students looking for scrumptious food, party scene, and history, New Orleans, Louisiana can be a good find. It’s home to the famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, one of the best places to party in the country. Flanked by vibrant bars and lounges on both sides, this street is known for selling oversized fish bowls and giant beers! If you are over 21, you can even day drink on the street like many visitors and head back to your hotel to relax. Apart from the party scene, there are several cultural and historical places to visit in the city like the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, the historical French Market, and the famous Café du Monde. You can also check out the Voodoo Museum and the National WWII Museum if you are looking for interesting places.

  • Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

You can also go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina if you love water sports and want to enjoy affordable beachfront rentals. Go scuba diving and check out the “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” a collection of sunken ships located just off the cape. There are plenty of fishing spots and surfing areas along with kiteboarding and windsurfing locations in Pamlico Sound.

Have you decided how to spend your spring break already? Just when you can’t take any more dirty snow and are actively looking for some dose of Vitamin D, the mid-season spring break can seem like a blessing! Although the travel industry is especially booming post-pandemic, it can be not-so-fascinating news for those seeking a little bit of relaxation and exploring interesting places without breaking the bank. The above list of alternative spring break destinations for students is perfect for thrillseekers as well as for those who want to explore rich histories, cultures, traditions, and the great outdoors. Take your pick and pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime!