Cleaning Between Teeth: The Secret Behind A Truly Healthy Smile

A great smile is a conversation that transpires before you even say “hi!” While a genuine heartfelt smile is beautiful regardless, and there is nothing like an ugly smile, a healthy smile instantly wins hearts! Several factors go into a healthy smile, and clean teeth are certainly one of them. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day and remember to floss. Reaching out to the right professionals can also help you maintain a healthy smile. Allure Dental improves your smile and provides you with the confidence you need to win in life. In this blog, we will talk about the proper way of cleaning your teeth, and unlocking the secret of a truly healthy smile. Are you ready? Let go!

Importance of Cleaning Between Teeth

Cleaning in between teeth correctly requires more than just brushing. It’s vital to utilize interdental brushes and, in many situations, dental floss. This has to be done at least once per day. It doesn’t matter what time of day you floss; choose a moment when you won’t be rushed and can do a thorough job. A toothbrush can get rid of plaque from the majority of surfaces, but it cannot get in between your teeth, where food particles and plaque gather. The only method to eliminate plaque from all tooth surfaces is by doing interdental cleaning after toothbrushing. Almost 90% of people worldwide suffer from gingivitis, which is brought on by plaque accumulation. If plaque is allowed to build up, it may harm your gums and teeth, leading to irritation, bleeding, dentinal sensitivity, decay, and even possible general health problems.

There are several varieties of floss available. Waxed floss is more likely to glide in between teeth than unwaxed floss, and it may also be simpler to use. Modern single-strand flosses are particularly efficient and slip smoothly between teeth. It might be difficult to floss, particularly if you’ve never done it before or are just learning how. It’s important to keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Standing in front of your mirror when learning to floss might be beneficial. You may also get assistance from your dental hygienist or periodontist in developing your flossing technique.

Tips for Properly Cleaning Between Teeth

  • String Dental Floss: String floss is one of the most accessible ways of cleaning your teeth. When done correctly, this may effectively remove plaque, lessen gingivitis, and lower the chance of developing irreversible periodontal disease. Axed, tape, and spongy floss are just a few of the several varieties of string floss available. Everyone can find a variety that works for them. The ordinary person loves waxed floss, but it may rip or shred.
  • Mounted Floss Picks: Floss picks are quite popular due to their ease of use. There are even flossing picks referred to as platypus flossers for those with braces. Since so little floss is being used, we recommend washing off plaque between teeth before discarding the pick.
  • Water Floss: This works wonders to stimulate gums and get rid of any stuck-on food or big chunks of plaque. This is a fantastic alternative for those who have trouble using traditional flossing tools, wear tight contacts, or have limited dexterity that is required for some of those more complex dental flosses.
  • Proxabrushes: These are available in a range of sizes with various handles. They are used for cleaning beneath bridge restorations, around orthodontic braces, and in between broad contacts. The interdental should fit snugly yet pleasantly between your teeth for a thorough cleaning. Pushing shouldn’t be necessary! The whole interdental space should be cleaned with a gentle back-and-forth motion. Remember to brush your back teeth as well. It is simpler to reach back further since certain interdentals curve at the neck.

Clean teeth are not only an accessory to your external aesthetic but also a basic hygienic practice that ensures better internal health. Clean teeth can help you get that winning smile while charming everyone in your social circle. While you might already be brushing twice a day every day, you might still have germs in your teeth because you might be missing the space between your teeth. Flossing your teeth is just as crucial as brushing, as food particles tend to get stuck between your teeth more than you would imagine. Finding the right oral hygiene tools and sticking to a routine will help you maintain your smile. If all else fails, finding the right cosmetic dentist may help you make a few positive changes.