Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Born to be an Author

Do you consider yourself a literary person? Do you have all it takes to be an excellent storyteller?

If the answer is yes, then you might be consistently fighting the urge to describe your feelings and experiences as accurately and thoughtfully as possible.

Most importantly, do you actually sit down to write every other day – if not every day?

If the answer to any of the questions is a yes, then you might be on the path to becoming a storyteller or author.

If you are still confused about whether to become a writer for you or not, then you might want to read on to learn about some essential tell-tale signs that you were born to be an author.

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You Are an Avid Observer of Life

As an avid observer of life, you might have found yourself in certain situations where you have been able to detach yourself from the scenario as if you are floating above yourself and seeing how things are unfolding.

This might have even gotten to the point where you might have looked into the space with glassy eyes, resulting in an awkward pause. Maybe, others have caught you not being there entirely – even – in intimate situations where you have been thinking about how you could describe things later.

None of this indicates that you have a lack of interest in the current situation or moment in life – but – it is an indicator that you have a deeper appreciation of life and the different things that life presents – even when life tosses you around.

You understand the deeper meanings and feelings that unfold from within when life presents you with its ups and downs. As an avid observer and storyteller, you might be urged to portray life events accurately through language.

Simply put – writing is a creative outlet for you!

You Are an Avid Reader

You might have heard it before and are reading it again – a good reader becomes a good writer.

Just think about it – only a person who reads a lot can gather extensive knowledge and eventually write well. So, if you find yourself immersed in books whenever you have the time – also when you are traveling, you are on the path to becoming a writer.

Mostly, the people who don’t like to read don’t like to write as well. And if you have a favorite author, you might already know that most of the best authors have their preferences when it comes to their literary heroes.

For instance, Thomas Hardy was a fan of Charles Dickens, and Ernest Hemingway appreciated the work of Mark Twain. As an aspiring author, you are definitely transfixed by someone else’s writings as well. And here is the pro tip – the more you read, the better you can write.

Sometimes, when you are reading, you might come across something interesting, and you pause, take out your diary, jot down your thoughts and even write down your favorite quotes.

The more you read, the better ideas you can get and the more content you will have for your storytelling. But once you have your first manuscript ready, you will need to hire one of the best manuscript editors before you proofread and publish it.

You Need Some Alone Time

Everyone needs some alone time – and alone time is essential to jot down your thoughts on paper. Although you might be an extrovert, and if you still need some alone time, you might be the next great writer.

As an aspiring writer, you will need to dedicate a silent spot in your house, the café, or the library, where you have nothing else but silence. Like most people, you will need a silent spot to process your thoughts and consciousness to choose the right words you want to use.

So, if alone time is essential for you, and you like to brood over ideas and thoughts in seclusion, you are on your way to becoming a great writer. Concentration is the key.

If you keep staring at a blank paper, it means that you don’t have the ideal space where you can truly connect with everything that is going on in your mind and that you would like to tell other people. You will want to set up an ideal space where there are no distractions – just your laptop, a desk, and a chair.

You Have a Story to Tell

One of the simplest yet essential signs that you are ready to become a writer is that you have a story that you will want to share with the world. It could be some philosophical aspect that you might have discovered – or – you might have an interesting life that you would want to share with your target audience.

If you have a story to tell, you shouldn’t wait for the ideal day or time, but you might want to start by mind-mapping your story. Take a page and write down the central idea in the center. Proceed to draw arrows and jot down everything else that comes to your mind regarding the story’s main idea.

You might as well want to work on character development and draw errors to emphasize which characters share the same characteristics. You get the point – if you have a story to tell, you will want to start right away with the help of a mind map.

Writing Makes You Happy

If we were to sum up everything that we have mentioned before it comes down to one thing – writing makes you happy. You might have the habit of journaling – we know that it has loads of benefits, including improving your writing skills.

That said, if writing makes you happy and stronger, then you might as well become a professional writer. After all, writing can be an excellent therapy – sometimes, writing stirs up some demons, and you stop only when you have exorcized the demons completely.

The Takeaway

Now you know the tell-tale signs that indicate that you were born to become a great writer. So, if these things apply to you, you might want to start immediately. Get to work with your storytelling.