Selling Industrial Equipment Online

When it comes to old industrial equipment that you no longer use, selling it may be a wise move to increase your profits and help pay for newer machines. Before selling off these pieces, be sure to research their market rate as well as screen buyers before closing a deal.


Machinio uses sophisticated web crawlers to systematically aggregate machinery listings from across the internet and connects them to equipment buyers worldwide. Machinio clients-dealers, auctioneers and manufacturers-pay a monthly fee to list their inventory on Machinio; many report an increase in buyer leads, more efficient processes and reduced costs compared to traditional advertising techniques.

Machinio offers software solutions to assist equipment sellers manage their inventory and host websites for sales of equipment, with 10-12 servers that automatically switch over when capacity reaches critical levels; its technology stack includes Ruby on Rails, Java, Tensorflow and headless Chrome crawlers for crawlers.

Alan Ross alleges that it asked Machinio not to scrape its website, yet they still did it despite requests not to. Alan Ross fails to establish tortious interference with prospective business advantage as there is no concrete evidence showing how Machinio’s scraping benefited them in any way.


An effective method for selling industrial equipment is through a machine dealer. These companies specialize in selling both new and pre-owned industrial machinery at fair prices, while having access to large networks that will help quickly find buyers for your equipment.

An effective way of selling industrial equipment online is through an online marketplace. These websites allow you to post photos, descriptions and details about your equipment while even showing videos showing it being used – giving your offering more exposure.

eWorldTrade is a popular marketplace for buying and selling used industrial equipment. It offers premium services like photography, videography, design, advertising, cost-effective marketing promotions as well as technical support and training to its users. eWorldTrade website can be easily navigated providing plenty of information for potential buyers as well as the latest digital tools plus technical support and training services for its users.


No matter the industrial equipment you need – from metal working tools, robotics components or pumps – there are websites dedicated to selling it all. These platforms boast features that facilitate buyer/seller interactions as well as secure payment gateways and customer support services for added peace of mind.

Companies often sell their equipment through negotiated sales, which allows them to obtain fair pricing for it. Auction sales may also be an option; however, this method can be more challenging for manufacturing companies with many pieces to sell since specific licenses may be needed in most states for holding such auctions.

When selling equipment on Craigslist, use a proxy email address. This will help prevent any unwanted spam from your real email account and communicate with potential buyers via text messages instead of email if possible; setting a meeting place and time would also be wise.

Online Marketplaces

Selling industrial equipment online can be an excellent way to generate a steady revenue stream. Not only can your products reach global audiences, but managing inventory and sales also becomes much simpler – you could even offer extra services such as delivery or installation!

Find an online marketplace that offers various features and benefits is essential, for instance providing dedicated seller support lines as well as top-tier customer service. Furthermore, easy usage should also be encouraged along with multiple payment methods available to sellers.

An effective marketplace allows you to upload product photos and descriptions, secure payment options and connect with buyers looking for specific types of industrial equipment. Furthermore, it will give valuable insights into your marketing strategy that can help strengthen online businesses and boost profits.