Little-Known Tips for Sleeping With Chronic Pain

Many people suffering from chronic pain also suffer from insomnia or sleep disturbance. These conditions can significantly complicate the victim’s wellness and can affect their quality of life. A key part of improving sleep quality may include the medical prescription of Temazepam 20 mg options from UK Sleep Tablets.

While the medication can help improve sleep and sleep quality, there are other little-known tips that can help. This article offers information on little-known tips for sleeping with chronic pain.

Consume sleep-promoting food items

Food does more than provide the essential building blocks for growth and development. Some types and classes of food offer much more and can inspire certain health changes. For example, consuming certain food types can improve the tryptophan level in your body.

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Tryptophan is a protein responsible for producing the sleep-regulating hormone, serotonin.

By consuming food that delivers tryptophan to the body, people with chronic pain can enjoy better sleep and sleep quality. With improved sleep quality, they can enjoy improved alertness in the morning.

Some food items that deliver tryptophan to the body include;

  • Carbohydrates like rice. They have a high glycemic index
  • Fruits like kiwis and cherries
  • Whole foods like pulses, shellfish, fatty fish, and milk.

Changing your diet is a significant lifestyle change that shouldn’t be done outside of medical consultation. Speak to your doctor about your need to change your diet and they may be able to recommend a dietician to work with you. Dieticians can help create excellent food calendars and options that take your health, wellness, and nutritional needs into account.

It may be nice to also consider avoiding foods and drinks like coffee, tea, chocolates, etc., that adversely affect sleep.

Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga is one of the most recommended mind-body therapy for people living with chronic pain. Yoga can be paired with meditation to deliver the best results.

With Yoga, you can practice control of important body responses, including breathing, poses, and more. These poses and exercises can contribute favorably to relieving your chronic pain and improving your sleep quality.

It is important to get a qualified Yoga trainer to walk you through the asana and poses. Trying poses out on your own may complicate your chronic pain, however, a professional can determine the best positions and walk you through the different stages to boost health and wellness.

Take short evening walks 

Evening walks are not only calming but also relaxing. You can take advantage of evening walks to stretch your muscles and work on chronic pain affecting the lower back and other areas.

Many people with chronic pain have reported improved sleep and sleep quality after taking short evening walks. These walks have also been proven to increase the body’s core temperature which decreases after the walk and induces sleep.

Walking also helps with other conditions like anxiety and depression.

Practice slow, deep breaths

One of the best ways to induce sleep is to get rid of distractions and practice soft, slow, and deep breaths. The slow and rhythmic breathing induces mental calmness, which alleviates pain and signals sleep to the brain.

This type of breathing technique also synchronizes the heart rate and helps promote a deeper level of sleep.

Consider sleep aid

It can be hard getting over insomnia. The truth is that some people may find it hard to fall asleep even after trying the tips above. In such cases, those individuals can benefit from the power of sleep aids. Sleep aids work by lowering the heart rate while inducing the release of sleep hormones.

There are different types of sleep aids to consider based on your preferences. Some common options include;

  • Herbal sleep aids like chamomile tea and Valerian capsules
  • Fruit extracts like capsules of tart cherry extract or Cherry Juice
  • Micronutrient supplements like Zinc and/or magnesium
  • Synthetic preparations like tablets and melatonin capsules

Taking one or more supplements listed above can help improve your sleep and sleep quality. However, it is recommended that you speak to your medical provider for a recommendation on the best option for your health and wellness needs.

Lifestyle changes

Some habits can be detrimental to your health and can affect your sleep and sleep quality. You may need to make some lifestyle changes, including giving up smoking and alcohol consumption, to improve your health and wellness. You may also need to cut or eliminate your love for caffeinated beverages like teas and coffee, as these could also be a major problem affecting your sleep and sleep quality.

Adopting the changes above can improve your health and wellness, position you for reduced pain, and improve your overall sleep quality. Try them today.